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hello welcome to B&B BLUETICKS  we are located in Logan West Virginia ... we are also new to the bluetick buisness we are gona be breeding blueticks ... my cell number is 207-4690 holler at me if ya wana hunt


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the story behind us ...
we had bought up a bunch of blue dogs and didnt know what we was doin i guess and sadly but surely bout every dog we owned had died the original 2 B&B boys James and Josh set out and bought two more blueticks ..... my papa said he wanted a dark male blue pup so i found him one at BEAVER CREEK KENNELS owned by KEN GREGORY well my papa decided he wanted the male pups litter mate as well so now we have four pups to train and fixin to add three more to it if your lookin to buy a bluetick pup from us im sorry as we do not have any right now but we will eventually breed.....but you can contact my good buddy KEN GREGORY at 1-304-575-2229 ..... so now we have alot of arkie  and smokey river blood and some cameron and vaughn feel free to comment under guest book


this site was made and is managed and updated by JAMES BAISDEN when you see B&B BLUETICKS on the guestbook page its me and me is JAMES kinda sounds like i dont know how to talk but i hope you understand


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